The unclearness has breathtaking story

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The unclearness has breathtaking story

Сообщение FrankRig » 14 сен 2019, 22:18

Reviews of the game THE UNCLEARNESS from other forums:

1. A very interesting game that will drag you to watch in the deep world of the STEAM machine, the game from which I came to delight!

2. Perfectly transmitted plot and atmosphere, an unusual setting and non-standard gameplay. Let the gameplay be boring, but at least some variety, or else they have already played games with the same concepts of shooting-action-cutscenes. observe the 9 / 10 junction

3. The game is very cool and atmospheric, I play with pleasure and continue to follow the project. I wish the game community to grow, the game develops, and the developers are not lazy. What you need for a great Noir? Two guys with brains, Orphic Games, the desire to create a game for people, not for profit THE UNCLEARNESS.


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