There is amazing game and great plot, need to play

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There is amazing game and great plot, need to play

Сообщение FrankRig » 14 сен 2019, 22:14

Reviews of the game THE UNCLEARNESS from other forums:

1. Hello everyone! Just yesterday I went to the steam, to see what new games came out. I was attracted by the game with the extraordinary name “the Unclearness”, I bought it and sat down to play the same evening. For a few minutes I got involved in the game, went all the way away from the computer. The game in the style of noir, about a private detective who investigates various murders. Graphics on the level, colorful characters, game play is clear and not intricate. It turns out to be a series game. Now I can’t wait for the second episode to be released !!!

2. Very cool game, I liked it

3. The game was atmospheric and addictive.


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